Why Liberty Stitching Kits are So Easy to Use…

You can create these beautiful works of American art with ease! Do not be intimidated, even if it is your first time to try embroidery. Liberty Stitching Company has made this a fail proof process! Before you know it, you will be impressing your friends and family with your beautiful hand work! All you have to do if follow the Color Blocking Stitching System…
Hummingbird Color Map

Color Blocks tell you what color thread to use in that section. There is a color map in the kits’ pattern booklet, as well as directly on the fabric piece you will be stitching. The numbers in the color block correspond with the number of embroidery thread found in your kit. These sections are worked much like a paint-by-number craft.

Hummingbird Guiding Stitches

Guiding Stitches tell you which direction to lay your embroidery stitches and how long each stitch should be. Each kit comes with a fabric piece with a beautiful image on it with the guiding stitches laying directly on the image. Using the right color embroidery thread for that color block, you will trace over the stitches on your material. Once the guided stitches have been traced, you will continue stitching back and forth filling in around the stitches until the color block is complete.

Tracing Guiding Stitches
Filling in Guiding Stitches

Each kit includes a detailed pattern booklet that includes a Color Blocking Map of your image and step-by-step photographed instructions for each technique used in the pattern. Your kit will also include an embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, needle and drawstring bag to hold your supplies. With these tools everyone can complete a kit from Liberty Stitching with grace! Buy your kit today!

Hummingbird Hoop and Pendant

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