What Makes the Northern Cardinal so Special

The Northern Cardinal can be found spanning the United States from Nebraska to Texas to Florida all the way through the Northeast. They are a beautiful winter site for the Northeast states in the winter. The Northern Cardinal is the most popular state bird for seven states: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.

Habitat: They live almost anywhere there is dense bushes for nesting. They are found in woodland edges, thickets, suburban gardens and towns.

Feeding Behavior: They get their red feather coloring from the foods they eat; if they do not get enough red pigment in their diet they will be more of a brownish color. They eat mostly seeds, insects and berries. They particularly love bird feeders filled with sunflower seeds. Young are fed mostly on insects.

Nesting Behavior: Cardinals are extraordinary in that they mate for life. The male defends their territory by singing and feeds the female early in the breeding season. The female builds the nest and will lay 3-4 , sometimes 2-5, eggs. Incubation is done solely by the female for 12-13 days. Both parents feed their young and often the female will leave early to build their second nest while the male continues to take care of young.

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