Lucky and Blessed Embroidery Kit Collection

Stitch a little luck into your St. Patrick’s Day this year! As you can probably guess, this holiday centers around a man named Saint Patrick. The holiday is always on March 17, which is the day of his death. Saint Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, which was previously a pagan country. Interestingly, he was not Irish! Born in British Rome, he was enslaved and brought to Ireland later in his life. In Ireland, Saint Patrick is respected as an important religious figure. 

Whether you’re wishing someone else a little luck or stitching a little luck for yourself, everyone will love the vibrant green Luck of the Irish! Our unique Color Block Stitching System makes it super simple to complete our kits with ease. This system works like a paint-by-numbers picture; only your using a needle to “paint” rather than a paint brush.

Color blocks tell you what color thread to use in that section and Guiding stitches show you which direction to stitch and how long the stitch should be. This system is unique to the embroidery world and has been created so that anyone can complete our kits!

*All of our Holiday Collection Embroidery Kits include a detailed PDF pattern that will be emailed to you upon shipment of your kit.