Springtime stitching challenge

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It’s Spring the perfect time for Spring Cleaning, but we’re not talking about our houses…we’re talking about our minds! It’s time to clear the brain clutter and start freeing your mind! Life is so fast paced and when you’re taking care of others, sometimes it’s hard to see the progress you make everyday. That is why we’re inviting you to join us this month as we challenge ourselves to carve out 15 minutes in your day to sit and stitch!

As individuals, we can manage our daily stress through different avenues depending on personal preferences. Some spend time with friends and family, some spend time in prayer and meditation and others seek solitude through a creative outlet. Studies have found that the repetitive motion of stitching, triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which quiets the natural fight or flight response to stress. Concentrating on a creative project helps take a person’s mind of a certain source of stress and physically calm down. The sense of accomplishment can boost mental health and improve our immune system, as relief from the pressure of multitasking is replaced by focussing on one thing.

Embroidery also cultivates mindfulness. Mindfulness is an important aspect of mental health that involves self-awareness. In other words, it requires the ability to know yourself, what you’re feeling, and what you believe about something. Mindfulness can be interrupted by a variety of things. For instance, the stressors of life, feelings of anxiety, negative thinking, overthinking or planning, and not allowing your body to get adequate rest can all result in poor mindfulness. Participating in embroidery is shown to boost self-awareness, self-worth, and encourage overall well-being.

So, put down your phone, grab some friends or family or find a quiet nook all to yourself, grab your favorite embroidery kit and start to feel the calming effect of stitching today! Sign up below to receive encouraging texts, helpful tips and a chance to win a free giveaway! 

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