American Flag Teaching Embroidery Kit


Teach a special someone how to honor the tradition of embroidery with these teaching embroidery kits! Kits include supplies for 2 stitchers: a larger frame for the teacher (8 inches) and a smaller frame for the student (6 inches). In Eighteenth Century America, needlepoint was an integral part of our founding country. As early as the age of 5 or 6, girls were taught how to sew samplers with the alphabet and quotations about the home. This not only taught them the skills of embroidery but also their alphabet and how to read. Sewing paved the way for some of the first paying job opportunities afforded to women during this time. Betsy Ross, became a patriotic icon in the late 19th Century when stories surfaced that she had sewn the first flag of the United States. By purchasing our Teaching Kit, you are passing down the tradition of embroidery to someone younger, connecting them to the heritage of our country! For both beginner and intermediate stitchers alike, all will find joy in stitching a beautiful American Flag embroidery kit!

Follow the Color Block Stitching System for easy stitching:
-Color blocks tell you what color thread to use in that section
-Guiding stitches show you which direction to stitch and how long the stitch should be
-These techniques allow a stitcher to complete beautiful artwork with ease!

Each kit includes a detailed pattern booklet that includes a Color Blocking Map of the American Flag and step-by-step photographed instructions for each technique used in the pattern. You will also receive a fabric piece with a beautiful image of the American Flag and guiding stitches overlaying it. With these tools everyone can complete a kit from Liberty Stitching with grace!

These kits are perfect for everyone! Share them with your friends, family and stitching circles. They are also great teaching tools for: homeschooling curriculum, Girl Scouts troops or summer camps. Create beautiful works of American Art with ease!