American Flag Homeschool Embroidery Kit


Hello Homeschoolers! Looking for something that will integrate both right brain and left brain thinking for your homeschooling student? Our homeschool embroidery kits are the perfect solution! In your kit, you will receive materials to complete an 8 inch hoop of our American flag plus a “How Does our Government Work” lesson plan. Teach your student about how our government runs and our country’s tradition of embroidery by stitching this beautiful piece of American art with ease. This kit is best suited for 5th, 6th and 7th graders. You will receive an in-depth 25 page lesson plan upon shipment of your embroidery kit. You will receive both a graphics version pdf and a printer friendly pdf.

Here’s what you will find In the pages of your lesson plan:

  • The first three pages are for the educator. These pages explain the model we base our lesson and assignments around and the learning outcomes you will see your student achieve.
  • The next part of the lesson is for the student. They will find a welcome letter introducing them to the curriculum followed by the first part of the packet which consists of 10 pages of fact-based and non-political information about How our Government Works, followed by 10 pages of course work.
  • The third part of the lesson are the assignments, which will move the student from reading comprehension skills to critical thinking skills

Here are the Learning Outcomes for the Lesson Plan:

  • To learn the Founding Fathers’ Vision of our Country
  • To learn the 3 Branches of Government
  • To learn the Roles of the House and Senate
  • To learn the Process of Passing a Bill

These are the Assignments:

  • Assign #1: Reading the Passage
  • Assign #2: Word Definition : What does this Word Mean?
  • Assign #3: Reading Comprehension: Did I Understand the Reading Passage?
  • Assign #4: Research: Who are my Representatives and Senators? Fill-in-the-Chart
  • Assign #5: Critical Thinking: Writing to my Representative and/or Senator
  • Assign #6: Evaluation: Did I Achieve my Learning Goals?

Need a break from learning? Take out their embroidery kit for engaging the brain in a different way. Studies have found that the repetitive motion of stitching, triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which quiets the natural fight or flight response to stress. Concentrating on a creative project helps take a person’s mind off a certain source of stress and physically calm down. The sense of accomplishment can boost mental health and improve our immune system, as relief from the pressure of multitasking is replaced by focusing on one thing. 

Our kits are super easy to complete, they work just like paint-by-numbers kits only you are painting with a needle rather than a paint brush. Follow the Color Block Stitching System for easy stitching:
-Color blocks tell you what color thread to use in that section
-Guiding stitches show you which direction to stitch and how long the stitch should be
-These techniques allow a stitcher to complete beautiful artwork with ease!

Each kit includes a detailed pattern booklet that includes a Color Blocking Map of the American Flag and step-by-step photographed instructions for each technique used in the pattern. You will also receive a fabric piece with a beautiful image of the American Flag and guiding stitches overlaying it. With these tools everyone, both beginners and advanced stitchers, can complete a kit from Liberty Stitching with grace!