Liberty Lifestyle Tutorials: How to Frame Your Pendant

The holidays are upon us and nothing makes a better gift than our pendant collection! They’re quick and easy to stitch up and make the most memorable gift for your favorite someone this Christmas. Plus, next week we will be introducing our Christmas Collection and Pendant Keychain Embroidery Kits, which both involve our pendants that will need to be framed. We thought this would be a perfect time to refresh everyone’s skills with our ‘How to Frame Your Pendant’ tutorial.

Video Tutorial

Framing Your Pendant

Step One

-Take out all items from your pendant baggie. This includes: pendant hoop, 2 wooden circles (small and large), 2 tiny nuts and 1 screw, jump ring and suede necklace chain. 

Step Two

– Insert the screw into the top of the hoop and turn 1 nut loosely onto the screw. This will tighten the hoop once the fabric piece is in place. There will be a replacement screw leftover. 

Step Three

-Cut the fabric about 1 inch around the pendant. Place the smaller wooden circle under your material with the image centered on the circle. Gently push the circle into the hoop and tighten the screw to hold the fabric in place, as though you were laying fabric in your initial hoop.

Step Four

-Turn your piece over and trim the fabric closely to the hoop. At this point, drizzle a little super glue in between the fabric and hoop to help hold it in place.

Step Five

-Drizzle a little super glue around the edges of the hoop and then place the larger wooden circle on the back. This hides the inner fabric and protects the backing of the pendant.  

Step Six

-Gently open the jump ring and place it around the screw. Insert the necklace into the jump ring and gently close it. 

Before you know it, your pendant will be framed, wrapped and on it’s way to being the best Christmas gift ever! Buy yours today!

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