How to Place Your Guiding Stitches

You can create these beautiful works of American art with ease! Do not be intimidated, even if it is your first time to try embroidery. Liberty Stitching Company has made this a fail proof process! Before you know it, you will be impressing your friends and family with your beautiful hand work! All you have to do if follow the Color Blocking Stitching System…

Our unique Color Block Stitching System makes it super simple to complete our kits. Color blocks tell you what color thread to use in that section and Guiding stitches show you which direction to stitch and how long the stitch should be. Today we will focusing on only the guiding stitches. Let’s begin! 

Step One

Use the guiding stitches to help you lay your stitches in the correct direction and size. Trace the stitches shown on your material. 

Step Two

Once the guiding stitches have been traced, continue stitching back and forth filling in around the stitches until the area/color block is complete.

Step Three

Continue to work back and forth until your color block is completely filled in; making sure to overlap each row of stitches into each other. 

These techniques allow a stitcher to complete beautiful artwork with ease! Our kits come with guiding stitches placed over a beautiful image on either material for a hoop or pendant or our tote and mini bags! 

Below is our video that brings these instructions to life; helping you feel supported every stitch of the way! Check out our video tutorials to see all of the techniques used in our patterns come to life:

Video Tutorials

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