How Do I Use My Needle Threader?

A needle threader is an essential tool to help you thread your needle. Many needle threaders are made from thin metal, such as tin, and are stamped with the shape of the queen’s head. The diamond-shaped wire, the part of the tool that threads the needle, is typically very thin and flexible steel wire. Most common ones are made with tin and stamped with the Queen’s head dating back to Victorian times. Our kits come with 3 needle threaders to keep you from having any project headaches!

To use the needle threader, insert the diamond-shaped wire through the eye of the needle, bringing the needle into contact with the handle. Run a piece of thread through the tip of the wire and loop it in half. Holding the thread with one hand, pull the needle away from the handle and back up the wire. When you pull the needle off the wire completely, the thread will pass through the eye of the needle and your needle will be threaded.

Below is our video tutorial showing you how to use a needle threader. Check out more video tutorials, we are adding more everyday! 

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